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Q. How much traffic do you get?
A. currently has, on average, 100000 searches per month done directly at our     search engine and rising .

Q. How much traffic can you send me?
A. The amount of traffic we can send you depends on how many targeted keywords you     submit, the popularity of your product or service, and the cost-per-click price you set.     However, because we do not set any monthly minimums, all your account balance will be used     on traffic.

Q. How much does it cost to start?
A. We have a low minimum deposit of just $5. Your first deposit is protected by our  money-back     guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.

Q. How does it work?
A. Once your pages and keywords are active on, all you need to do is monitor your     bids (the cost-per-click price you are willing to pay for a valid clickthrough), the higher you bid,     the higher your ranking will be on's search results, and our partner's results. By     monitoring your clickthrough/sale conversion you can also make sure to be in profit with your     advertising.

Q. How long does the review time take?
A. Our current review time average is 24 hours during the weekdays.

Q. Are adult sites allowed?
A. We are phasing out adult sites on to make our site family friendly. As such, new     adult site submissions are no longer accepted.

Q. I have a question that was not listed here, can I contact you?
A. Yes, when contacting us, please make sure to enter as much specific information as possible so     that we may answer your question the first time. Contact for Support

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